name, samantha. Age, 15. 20th july. my mum, brother and sister. bobber. Friends. sammy t. Fur coats. Ugg boots. knitted jumpers. chinese food. camera. dance. hot chocolate. snow. gossip girl. eastenders. my laptop. boys. topshop. summer. my bed. love. skins. inbetweeners. misfits. snoods. hugs/cuddles. doctor who (nerdy side). singing. duvet days. hot bubbly baths. fashion. reading a good book that you just cant put down. christmas. snow patrol. nevershoutnever. presents. slush puppys. Barry M. music. films. beachs. stupidity. blackberry. laughter. hiccups. facebook. owlcity. xfactor. advent calander. bridget jones. pizza. acting. cath kidston. hollister. Westfeild. London. apple juice. dreams. beans and cheese on toast. America. hair straighteners. Rome. the big bang theory. shopping. partys. new years eve. cold play. you me at six. glitter. wierdness. swifty hair on guys. prawns and all shellfish really. cooking. jack wills. dog walking. perfume. ghd's. sleep. tenerife. crying with happiness. Semi demi vegetarian. keeping secrets. giving & recieving presents. ke$ha. lollypops. nickasaur. pretty things. pillows. edward cullen. superdry. elle. chuck bass. lakes. hair curlers. retro. long socks. mittens. bikini. sunglasses. memories. ZiZi's.austria. polar bears. new york. concerts. lipstick. heels. ben&jerrys. "im blonde whats your excuse?". wishes. special moments. prefect dinner. effel tower. mean girls. the hangover. kids in glass houses. hope. paramore. black eyed peas. matt cardle.wii. photographs. second hand serenade. Take That. hand cream. my nano. the night world series. the underground. ice cooooobs. fruit twist fanta. sushi. believe it or not i actually like school aswell. vaseline. achieving a target you set yourself. benefit high beam. All saints. fairy cakes. the vampire diaries. my nans homemade coconut cake.
I wish i lived in New York.


Cant wait to go back to school… NAAAAAT. & i think my doggy bobber, doesnt realise that hes to big now to sit on me! (dead leg)